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Ke$ha's mother is continuing to shed more light on the singer's eating disorder. 

In another interview with "People," Pebe Sebert is speaking out from the Timberline Knolls rehab facility near Chicago, where she recently joined her daughter. 

Pebe is being treated for post-traumatic stress over the pop star's public battle.  She says doctors told her that the singer "almost died" from her bulimia, revealing that she had levels of "blood pressure and sodium" that were so low she was at risk of a heart attack or stroke.  She claims she was told it was "a miracle [Kesha] hadn't already dropped dead on stage." 

Sebert also continued to blame Kesha's management team, including producer Dr. Luke, for putting pressure on her to lose weight.  She says Ke$ha was "berated and ridiculed" over her looks for years, which led to a steady decline in her body image.

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