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Taylor Swift is sharing her thoughts on the future of the music industry.  The 24-year-old country star has penned an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal's website, giving her perspective on why artists shouldn't be discouraged by those predicting the downfall of sales caused by file sharing and streaming. 

Presenting a case based on her experience interacting with her massive young fanbase, Taylor writes that although the industry has changed drastically, great musicians will continue to break through to reach fans and face the challenge.  

She adds that artists must adapt quickly to keep up with Millennial listeners who are used to so many options of entertainment.  During her recent "Red" tour, she says she knew her fans arrived at the stadiums having seen the whole concert already on YouTube. 

To keep them on their toes, Taylor says she brought out surprise guests and always delivered something new.  She adds that the key to thriving in the current state of the industry is to avoid fighting the changes and remain hopeful for the future. 

Read Taylor's entire op-ed here

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