(NEWSER) – It wasn't that long ago that George HW Bush was thought to be on death's door at the hospital. Today, though, he marked his 90th birthday in style—by skydiving, reports CNN. Bush jumped out of a helicopter tethered to a retired member of the Army's Golden Knights parachute team and floated back down to Earth near Kennebunkport, Maine, with a red, white, and blue parachute. Bush can no longer use his legs because he has a form of Parkinson's, notes AP, but he made good on a promise from five years ago, after a jump on his 85th birthday. His first jump? That came during WWII when his plane got shot down.

George W. Bush and his granddaughter wait for the elder Bush to land.

Despite what looked like a hard landing, the former President was all smiles with his granddaughter

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