We know that unforeseen problems has delayed the completion of repairs to the Centennial bridge. These things happen, but were tough. We'll get through it. I was surprised to read at Quad-Cities Online that there are potential issues with the Government Bridge.

What? Yes, according to the the article, the Rock Island Arsenal is planning to close Fort Armstrong Avenue for up to eight...yes eight weeks starting in September. You will be able to on and off the Island, there just won't be through traffic. In fairness, they are looking at options based on the extended closure of the Centennial Bridge.

That would mean that the only viable option would be the I-74 bridge. Not so fast! IDOT project engineer John Wegmeyer says they are staying the course on a project that will begin September 8th and will close River Drive in Moline from 19th to 23rd streets. Which by the way, wait for it, means the on and off ramps will be closed.

Apparently there is no communication between the people running these projects. I feel bad for those people who have to cross the river for work. If anyone has a creative way to get across the river, please let me know.