According to The Rock Island Argus, the small village of Cordova, Illinois has a golf cart problem! It seems residents can use them on village streets "if you have a village issue golf cart license".

It sounds innocent enough, I'm sure there are people that can really use the help getting around. The problem: golf cart abuse. Yes, residents have reported overloaded carts racing up and down the streets. Children as young as 4 or 5 have been spotted driving the golf carts and as if you couldn't guess, there have been inebriated adults driving the carts from one watering hole to another.

I'm not sure who thought allowing golf carts on village streets was a good idea but apparently anyone can get a license. Every now and then we have a story about a drunk being arrested on a riding lawnmower. Shouldn't the same hold true for golf carts on village streets? If you allow a child of 4 or 5 to drive a golf cart on streets you should lose your license! Apparently the individual issuing the golf cart licenses did an internship under Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White.

There seems to be two possible solutions. Either stop using golf carts on village streets. That would seem to make the most sense. It would certainly alleviate the possibility of lawsuits because of accidents caused by young kids and over-served drivers. The other option is since you probably don't have the police force to stop these law breakers, put up speed and red light cameras and look at it as a revenue generating opportunity! Just an idea....