Last fall the city of Rock Island held a deer hunt. The effort to thin the herd within the confines of the city's borders was, well, less than impressive. In fact it was dismal. Contrast that with the story of a suburban Chicago woman who had a 200 pound deer leap from an overpass landing on her Chevy minivan.

She and her four kids were traveling about 70 miles an hour on the Jane Addams Tollway when the deer came to rest in the middle of the West Dundee family van. Everyone in the minivan is safe and suffered only minor injuries, although the same can't be said for the minivan or the deer.

So I am thinking that the problem in Rock Island may be the choice of weapons used to hunt the deer. Maybe we should go after those pesky deer with minivans. After all they seem to be attracted to them. That way we not only get rid of those garden wrecking deer, but we would also boost business for local body shops and car lots.  Just a thought.