How come the Russians are laughing at the American "sanctions?" Because not letting Mastercard do business with one Russian bank is about it.

Oh, and some Russians who weren't coming here anyway can't come.

Now here is why that's all His Impotence in the White House is going to do. Only 35% of the U.S. Navy is deployed. Now, naval power is one place where we still have an edge. The Russian army and air forces are pretty good, but they definitely have a third world navy.

Problem is, so do we. The U.S. Navy looks good on paper, but today's Wall Street Journal tells the rest of the story. The boast is an 11 aircraft carrier navy. 3 carriers were at sea last month, and 1 more could put to sea with 30 days notice. Those 3 carriers just scare the socks off the Russians who are now busy rebuilding the satellite fleet of small helpless countries on the edge of Mother Russia.

Now, just asking, 35% of the U.S. Navy can deploy........who's in charge of that?