St. Ambrose University (remember when it was just a college?) and Assumption High School have a memorandum of understanding that the high school will build a sports complex if the council upholds the attempt to keep the university a college kind of school.

We have talked about this before. All the "Not In My Back Yard" folks think it is just a bluff. If they are wrong, and they probably are, this is really going to cost the protestors.

The high school will build the original plan. There will be no storm sewer help for the neighbors. There will be a much larger stadium, parking lot, more than one entrance, all the things St. Ambrose could not get.

The high school can build whatever it wants. Whenever it wants. However it wants. And spend all the construction money with Catholic companies that employ the illegals that the Church wants to help.

What fun! One awaits the City Council's decision with bated breath.