Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY) strikes again.

The Jersey Farms neighborhood objects to the new casino. What a surprise.

Those good folks were just amazed to find that they built houses in a major metropolitan area. An area that just might host a gambling casino.

What a surprise for them. Their discovery that someone wanted to build something other than a chicken coop near them parallels the NIMBY folks who were equally astonished to discover that a university wanted a sports stadium.

Who ever would have thought that a university might want to stop renting the local high school football stadium? Who ever would have thought that someone might see some major money to be made by putting a casino at the intersection of Interstate 74 and Interstate 80?

We might even see the Mayor, who wanted the casino for himself and his political friends, veto the development. The 10 member city council would never let his veto stand, or try again to buy the casino for the city.