Sanctions on Russia for its actions in the Ukraine are not working and will not work in the future. The Russian army today has surrounded some of the Ukrainian army. Putin, the Russian leader, has ordered what he amusingly calls a "militia" to open a humanitarian corridor to allow them to leave the combat area unimpeded and reunite with their families.

Russia is going to take as much of the Ukraine as it wants.

McDonald's has 438 restaurants in Russia. The Russians have now closed 12 of them as a warning. Subway has more restaurants in Russia than McDonald"s does, but McDonald's went out of its way to make the Russians mad. All of the Subway and all of the McDonald's restaurants are at risk. Pepsi has a problem, too. You have never heard of kvass, but if Putin tells the Russians, "No more Pepsi, drink kvass," they will.

Have you looked at the price of corn and beans lately? Putin has, with a big smile on his face. His agricultural trade war is working.

Can we maybe borrow a Secretary of State from a Junior High School in France to advise this bunch?