Chapter 263, Fairy Tales from the Main-Stream Media.

Depending on the TV station or newspaper that brought you the news today, either pro-Russian militants or pro-Russian separatists shot down two Ukrainian army combat helicopters.

You betcha, as they say in Alaska, from which you can see Russia out your window.

The Ukrainian army combat helicopters were shot down by the Russian Army. Uncle Ivan, angry at the Ukrainian army, does not have the weapons to shoot down combat helicopters. Uncle Ivan, demonstrating on the street in front of city hall, did not bring along a surface to air missile.

Kind of like the "demonstrators" in Libya, who brought along a couple thousand pounds of mortar ammunition to their "peaceful" protest during which they "peacefully" killed the American ambassador.

Wouldn't you think that the "most transparent administration in American history" would be willing to tell the truth about the Russian army wandering around the Ukraine causing trouble?

What do you think? We'll talk about it this afternoon at 2.