Ya gotta be careful with economic sanctions. They have a nasty tendency to slam companies from your own country that have investments in Russia.

Also, if you are a German or from Poland, the Russians might decide to turn off the natural gas that heats your house or the gasoline that runs your car.

All this talk about economic sanctions should cause American voters to take a careful look at American investment in Russia.

Do Quad City companies have huge investments in Russia?  Yes.

Could Putin decide not to pay royalties in the American inventions being installed in trucks built on the Kama River? It's a really, really big truck plant, and the Russians have been pretty good about royalties.

Computer companies could take a big hit as well.

In addition, does anyone other that our demented Secretary of State think that Putin and the top leadership of the Russian Federation care even the tiniest bit if the common Russian consumer is inconvenienced by some trade sanction?

So, Americans, be aware of what you can change, and what you can not change.