The video of this is on Channel 6 news. This guy was taking pictures of women and girls as they left the swimming pool in Galesburg. A dad went to the photographer's house and demanded to watch him delete the pictures of the kids that belong to the father.

The pictures were deleted.

When a complaint is made, and one was, Galesburg police can investigate. They did. The photographer was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

In this time of Facebook, YouTube, and small high-definition pictures and movies, the rules we have had regarding the public swimming pools may have to change. If you saw some dude photographing your lady and daughter at a swimming pool in our area, what would your response be?

Channel 6 has the video up made by the angry dad who demanded the videos be deleted. The language is rough, but the video is challenging.

Do you have some kind of right to film at a swimming pool?