Somebody working for the Illinois Department of Transportation, commonly known at IDIOT, needs to be looking for work.

The Centennial Bridge was scheduled and announced to be closed for a month. Business and individuals made the necessary plans. IDIOT doubled the length of closure with about 10 seconds warning. Do you think the taxpayers who will struggle for twice as long to get across the Mississippi would mind their unemployment taxes going to the incompetent or group of incompetents that just doubled the loss of income and loss of time for area residents?

Loss of income? You bet. Iowans shop in Illinois, and vice versa. The business community has the loss of income. How much do you think the Elmore Avenue corridor in Davenport will lose during the two month closure of the border?

Who is to blame? Nobody, according to the idiots at IDIOT.

Just one more time...somebody needs to get some unemployment compensation.