Winter Park High's 2014 yearbook sets a new standard for public education in the United States.

The parents of this year's junior class have already volunteered to act as voluntary unpaid editors for next year's yearbook. The reason? This year's edition contains so many errors the principal is promising to reissue it on a DVD.

Here are some examples:

Aquiring a healthy lifestyle was the main goal of the Health Fairand many studnets helped accomplish it.

Once our coached gave us out pep talk I was able to get in the water and warm up.

In the attemps of snatching the ball from the opposing team, Elliott Hammond and Cameron Gergley clash nto one another.

Three stunts where done and the crown was in awe.

The junior class float caught in action as the wild the crowd up by driving by.


You should now understand why remedial English is taught at our colleges.

Remedial thinking is another matter.