Police say naked, beaten, handcuffed Illinois woman escaped

ROCKFORD, Illinois - A Rockford woman abducted by a man who police say was hiding in her home, then beaten and raped, escaped by dragging the weight bench to which she was handcuffed up a flight of stairs and to a nearby road.

According to police reports in court documents, the 34-year-old woman was naked, bleeding, and handcuffed to a workout bench when a neighbor saw her her out in the street, and called for help.

The Rockford Register Star reports the woman had taken her children to school last Wednesday and returned home where Harkey was hiding. Police say Harkey wrapped the woman's head with duct take and dragged her out to her car, put her in the trunk and drove her to a house in Roscue where she says Harkey raped her twice over two hours.

The woman says she was handcuffed to a weight bench, which she dragged up a flight of stairs and outside, completely naked, and flagged down help.

The woman, who owns a massage therapy business, had a professional relationship with Harkey, a car salesman, the Register Star reports.

Harkey faces numerous charges.

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