Illinois Trooper asks drivers to slow down, for daughters and wife

Illinois State Police remind people to slow down. In a Facebook post Friday State Trooper Bryon Farthing writes:

“I can see it in my daughters’ faces when we see a story when another Trooper has been hit. You can tell by looking at them it’s a realization to them that Dad might not make it home today.”

Farthing is the father of three daughters, ages 21, 15, 14 and 14. He's been married 24 years

Illinois State Police (ISP) District 11 Commander William Guard this week reported the fourteenth ISP squad car to be struck statewide in 2019 as a result of a Scott’s Law violation.

On Wednesday, March 20, 2019 at approximately 10:54 p.m., an ISP Trooper was hit by a semi while assisting in the investigation of a traffic crash on Interstate 55 northbound at milepost 9.4, St. Clair County. The initial crash, reported at 10:29 p.m., involved a vehicle that left the road and hit a light pole that fell across the lanes of traffic and seven additional vehicles hit the downed pole prior to ISP Troopers arriving.

When other State Troopers arrived to help, one positioned himself further back away from the scene to slow approaching traffic.

Trooper was on foot, outside of his marked squad car with lights activated, when both he and his squad car were hit by a passing truck tractor, semi-trailer combination. The Trooper is hospitalized with serious injuries, in stable condition.

According to a national poll by Mason Dixon Polling & Research, sponsored by the National Safety Commission, 71% of Americans don't know about move-over laws that require drivers to change lanes or slow down when police or other emergency services are on the side of the road.

Forty-three states have passed “Move Over” laws, including Illinois and Iowa, which require motorists to move over by changing lanes, or slowing down if unable to move over, to give safe clearance to law enforcement officers on roadsides.

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