Three Arrests Made In Violent Robbery

Davenport, Iowa - Two more arrests have been made in the robbery and assault of a person on August 25th near Blythewood Place in Davenport.

29 year old Mikayla Determan and 22 year old 22 year old Roger Hickman, both of Davenport were arrested on Wednesday.

Police say on that day, Determan lured the victim to the Blythewood Place location. The victim was in possession of $2,000 and a bottle of liquor. Police say Hickman and 20 year old Bradley Marshall, also of Davenport, were waiting , wearing ski masks and they pointed a gun at him and demanded his money. Before handing over the money police say the victim was punched in the head and face several times. The men took the victim's cash, cell phone and bottle of liquor. That money was later found on East 39th Street.

Police also seized the suspects' phones and search warrants were issued so they could download the information they contained. Officials say there were messages between the suspects mentioning the victim's name and plans to rob him. They also found a video on Marshall's phone showing the money shortly after the robbery.

Marshall, Hickman and Determan are all charged with 1st degree robbery and conspiring to commit a forcible felony.

Photo courtesy of KWQC TV6.


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