Moline Police Looking For The Man Who Ruined Halloween, Decorations That Is

MOLINE, Illinois - Someone in Moline apparently is not a fan of Halloween. KWQC TV6 reports Moline Police are looking for a man who apparently was walking along 10th Street and started cutting cords on Halloween decorations in the neighborhood.

Moline Police posted this on Facebook:

I'll never forget seeing you, it was a cool and crisp Sunday morning. Like the nip in the air, you were nipping at my heart.

I attempted to get a spot in your eyes and eventually in your heart, but you paid no attention to me. You were walking along 10th Street, seemingly so enthralled with the Halloween decorations you hardly noticed my loving gazes.

I watched in awe as you produced a knife and started cutting the cords on the Halloween decorations. You leaped from my heart as some sort of Grinch of Halloween.

Who hates Halloween so much that they cut cords? Did you go haunted housing in high school and got so scared of the chainless chainsaw that you soiled yourself in front of your homecoming date? That night then sent you on a path of vengeance and retaliation against Halloween and inflatable Jack O'Lanterns.

So instead of leaping into my heart, you carved it up like Jack O'Lantern with a butter knife.

If you know this thief of Halloween joy, let us know by calling us at 309-524-2140 or Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities at 309-762-9500.

Photo courtesy of KWQC TV6.


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