Safety Changes Made To Clinton Home Football Games

CLINTON, Iowa - Clinton Community Schools is making changes to their operations of football games.

Officials told KWQC TV6 they are addressing crowd control after an altercation.

The District released this statement:

"It is our wish to provide our parents, students and community a family oriented, positive atmosphere for any sporting event, including our home football games. After the events of our last home football game, Clinton Administration and the Clinton Police Department came together with a plan to enhance the overall game atmosphere for all stakeholders. The plan includes ideas and thoughts from caregivers, students and faculty. Please take note of the following changes:

• All students will be required to have a current ID to enter.

• One gate will be open on 8th Ave on the home side (instead of two). This will help ticket takers being able to focus on the ID’s of students.

• Middle school students will be required to purchase tickets for the game at the middle school prior to the game. Middle school students who do not purchase a ticket ahead of time will only be admitted with a paid adult.

• Non-CCSD students will not be permitted to sit in either the middle or high school student sections.

• The middle school section will be placed by the first ramp coming in. (A return to their location from previous years.)

• A reduction of the square footage in the area around the concession stands to limit loitering.

• Limited access behind the home side football stands, as access will be blocked off past the two ramps on each side of the stands.

• Two police officers will be stationed at each gate on the home side, with a police officer in the stands by each ramp.

• Two police officers will patrol the alleyway behind the stands as well as 8th Avenue South.

• Improved lighting by the main gate and alleyway behind the home football stands.

• All persons who leave the stadium, will not be permitted to return. This does include pass holders.

There are two remaining home football games of the season.


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