Car Burglaries And Thefts In Bettendorf

BETTENDORF, Iowa - A warning from Bettendorf Police to keep garage doors, vehicles and homes locked. There was a rash of car break-ins and thefts on Tuesday.

KWQC TV6 reports two vehicles were stolen. Those that had items stolen had left the doors unlocked.

At 5:45 a.m. Tuesday, witnesses told police they saw teenagers trying to get into vehicles on Parkwild Drive. Two vehicles in that area were reported stolen. They were left unlocked and the keys inside.

One was recovered in Davenport after an accident.

A Chevy Cruze was was also found by Davenport police around 8:30 Tuesday morning. They report that a number of juveniles were arrested in connection to that stolen Chevy.

Bettendorf Police say the number of stolen vehicle cases is down in the city but people still need to take precautions. They also ask that everyone keeps an eye on what is happening in their neighborhoods.

Photo courtesy of KWQC TV6.

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