Sensory Play Area At Davenport's Truman Elementary School

DAVENPORT, Iowa - There is now something very special at Truman Elementary School in Davenport thanks to Mrs. Ott's art class at Central High School.

KWQC TV6 reports that art students transformed a blacktop into a colorful play area for younger children to enjoy. This play area now gives children a chance to hop, skip, jump and balance to complete a course.

Davenport Schools released this on their Facebook page:

Mrs. Ott’s art students from Davenport Central High School showed their creative talents by designing an outdoor sensory park for Truman Elementary School! A sensory park is a unique kind of playground that allows children to follow different themed paths as they run, jump, tiptoe, hop, swim, flutter, or balance to complete the course.

The students’ artwork completely transformed the previously dull blacktop into a colorful and playful area for all Truman Elementary students to enjoy. We look forward to seeing all the little ones playing on the paths these creative students have brought to life. A special thank you to Truman Elementary Principal, Chrissy Willis, for giving Davenport Central High School students the opportunity to display some of their artwork throughout the Davenport Community School District.

Photo courtesy of KWQC TV6.

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