Rock Island Man Charged With Stealing A Car At Gunpoint

DAVENPORT, Iowa - A Rock Island, Illinois man on the run from work release is facing more charges.Davenport Police say Alquan McReynolds robbed two people of their car at gunpoint on December 1st at 14th and Scott Street.

McReynolds was on work release. On November 8th at 9:30 a.m., McReynolds left the facility but did not report back at 11:30 a.m.

KWQC TV6 reports that McReynolds got into that vehicle to talk to the two people inside.McReynolds then apparently pulled out a pistol and told the person in the backseat that he would shoot his sister who was sitting in the driver's seat.McReynolds then reportedly told the person in the back seat to give him "everything", including a phone.

The affidavit shows while pointing the gun at the driver, McReynolds pulled her out of the vehicle by her arm and got behind the wheel.The back seat passenger held on to the rear passenger door to try to stop McReynolds but he took off.The passenger did suffer minor injuries.

While driving off, police say McReynolds lost control of the vehicle and he hit a power pole.He then left the area.

McReynolds is being charged with assault and displaying a dangerous weapon, failure to maintain control, leaving the scene of an accident, no driver's license, striking fixture, voluntary absence and WRC hold, all misdemeanors. He's also charged with two felony counts; 2nd-degree criminal mischief and 1st-degree robbery.

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