Clinton's LumberKings baseball stadium to host live concert on Saturday

Clinton's baseball team, the LumberKings, say they're altering their baseball stadium to a restaurant and providing a live concert on Saturday, May 30th.

The Nelsoncorp field would have been seeing a full stadium weeks ago, as baseball season begins in mid-April. Their first event though will be a concert by Unidynes.

Ted Tornow, General Manager of the LumberKings asks, "What do you do with an empty ballpark?" His creative solution was a concert. Tornow says they're also looking at other events later this summer that could include a home-run contest or a movie night. "We’ve done a good job with what we‘ve had in our area and region hasn't been particularly hit hard. We’ll take all precautions necessary and do every right. Hopefully, Saturday we have beautiful weather and food gets out on time for our guests."

This Saturday would have been a home game for the LumberKings. Tornow says "Being the city’s biggest bar and restaurant 70 nights a year, we figured we’d do a restaurant on Saturday night and background entertainment."

While the stadium often sees live music, it's hardly ever like this. "This is the first time in 37 years I’ve never played ball in April and May. A little bit different. It’s sad but we get people are hurting throughout the world but people are dying and this is a serious thing we’re hoping on Saturday to be very careful with what we do," says Tornow.

Every table is six feet apart with hand sanitizing stations spread throughout the park. The stands will be off-limits to ensure everyone practices social distancing. Lines for food and beverages will also have spots marked off to maintain a safe distance. "I think people will be smart and if not, we’ll remind them. We want to make this safe for everyone," continues Tornow.

Everyone is asked to wear a face mask while they're not eating and to practice social distancing. The baseball stadium must operate at 50% capacity. Tornow is reducing that number drastically, from 2,500 to around 350 people. The doors open at 4 P.M. and the concert will begin at 5

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