Bettendorf Transit, Davenport Citibus decide not to collect fares July 6th

Bettendorf Transit, Davenport Citibus and Metro IL QC announced last week they would begin reinstating fares July 6, however they have now changed their minds.

They decided to not collect fares until further notice due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases locally.

Metro IL QC announced it will still be reinstating fares and reopening terminals on July 6.

 “We understand that COVID-19 is impacting regions differently and adjustments may be made to respond to an increase in cases. We respect Davenport and Bettendorf’s decision to not reinstate fares at this time, but are continuing forward with our plan to begin fare collection on July 6. We believe the protocols we have put in place allow for our agency to safely collect fares again,” said Metro Administration Manager Jennifer Hirsch, in a news release.

Davenport CitiBus provided the following protective measures that will remain in place until further notice:

  • Fares will not be collected to eliminate contact points. 
  • The maximum number of passengers on a bus is limited to one person per row per side. That is approximately 12 to 14 people on the bus at one time. 
  • In addition to daily disinfection of buses, Sunday service remains suspended for additional bus cleaning to promote a clean and safe ride. 
  • , Sunday service remains suspended for additional bus cleaning to promote a clean and safe ride. 
  • The Ground Transportation Center will remain closed. Davenport CitiBus Riders will need to continue using the 2nd St location for bus connections. 
  • Plastic panels separating transit operators and the public will remain in place.

Metro IL QC provided the following information about its services:

Cash, monthly passes, and single use tickets will be accepted to ride Metro. Punch Passes will no longer be accepted. Passengers may switch out a new or partially punched passes for ticket books at the following days, times and locations: 

  • July 2: District Station platform 8 – 10 a.m. & 2 – 4 p.m. 
  • July 3: Centre Station platform 9 am – 2 p.m., East Pointe 1 – 4 p.m. 
  • July 5: Centre Station platform 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.  

“Ride Safe” kits including a face covering and a bottle of hand sanitizer are also being handed out to riders at the above locations and times.  

Clear driver panels are being installed throughout the fleet, to offer additional protection between the workforce and riders. Buses with the clear driver panels installed will board passengers from the front door. Buses in service without panels are installed will board passengers from the back. Air Purification Systems are also being installed throughout the fleet.  

In addition to daily disinfecting of terminals and buses, Metro is asking that riders continue to wear a face covering while riding, stay home when sick and wash hands frequently.

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