Galesburg police arrest two men for pretending to be police officers

Two men are behind bars in Knox County for reportedly pretending to be police officers.

The Galesburg Police Department says on Saturday, they received complaints about a dark colored SUV pulling over cars and imitating police. Galesburg police say several similar complaints have been filed over the past few months with the majority of victims being female.

Police say during the Saturday incident, the suspects approached a female driver after pulling her over with red and blue lights. The suspect identified himself as a police officer and said he was going to write the driver a ticket for speeding.

When asked if he was really a police officer the suspect indicated he was “undercover.” The driver realized the situation was not right, drove off and contacted police.

Officers located the suspect’s vehicle on N. Henderson Street in Galesburg. When the vehicle was stopped, police identified the driver and passenger as 33 year old Michael J. Miller-Boyd and 34 year old William N. Wilson.

Police say Miller-Boyd and Wilson had red and blue flashing lights in their vehicle. Both admitted to stopping vehicles and pretending to be the police. According to police, there were no weapons located on either suspect or in the vehicle.

Both Miller-Boyd and Wilson were arrested for felony impersonation of a police officer.

Police say Wilson is a registered sex offender in Knox County. His conviction is for aggravated criminal sexual abuse with the victim being 15 years old.

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