Search for Breasia Terrell continues two months after her disappearance

It has been two months since a 10 year old Davenport girl went missing, but police continue to work to find the girl.

Breasia Terrell has been missing from Davenport since the early morning hours on July 10th, last seen in the 2700 block of East 53rd Street. In a recent interview, Davenport Police told KWQC-TV6 that detectives are still working the case. “Any day, any hour of the day that you walk up to that area, they’re working on it. They’re working through tips. They’re working through just everything that comes with that," said Chief of Police Paul Sikorski.

“They’re still working with the FBI and DCI partners,” said Sikorski. “There certainly isn’t the massive assistance we had originally to get set up but that’s the intent with that is to get everything in the investigation going the right way,” he said.

TV6 spoke with Terrell’s mother, Aishia Lankford, on the two-month anniversary of her disappearance. In a statement she provided, Lankford wrote:

“It’s been two months 60 days since my baby girl Bree has been gone. 60 days I held her. 60 days ago I heard her tell on someone in the house. 60 days. I go to bed worried and wake up so much more angrier than the last day like words could never tell someone what I’m going through it’s so bad.”
“Most days is so hard to get out and wanna do anything or move on through the day on trying to get her face and a message to anyone ears until it reaches hers so she can shine her light bright so that I can come and get her. I miss her so much it’s really hard these days. I tell you, someone so perfect, and yes I say perfect.”
“She was mommies always perfect and I was her queen mommy because she said I was so strong I could cry and get to moving around like nothing ever happened. Anyone please if you have any information a number or something that wasn’t a red flag then but ring bells now even if it was for a split second call it in. Someone knows something she just don’t disappear like this not Breasia Terrell."

There are currently two rewards being offered in regard to Terrell’s disappearance. In July, the FBI Omaha announced it is offering a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to finding Terrell or leads to the arrest of anyone involved in her disappearance.

The FBI reward is separate from a $3,500 reward being offered by Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities. Since Terrell was reported missing, Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities said it has received 75 tips related to her case.

There have been no arrests or charges announced in the disappearance of Terrell.

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