Hayley Williams Has Super Wholesome Reaction To Viral Paramore TikTok

Paramore‘s 2009 track “All I Wanted” is making a major comeback thanks to TikTok.

A fan named Kevin Tinsley (@thetinzman on TikTok) acted out a dramatic scene fit for a soap opera. In the short clip, his parents learn their son is in a coma and dying and his best friend knows what to do in order to save his friend's life: play “All I Wanted.”

“Yeah so I really like Paramore,” Tinsley wrote in the video's caption — which has been viewed almost 2 millions times and liked over 570,000 times.

Hayley Williams ended up seeing the TikTok and decided to post her own reaction to it via a Duet on the app and it was truly the purest thing I've seen.

In Williams' reply, we get to see her real-time reaction to the clip and her emotions quickly went from sad, shocked, confused, and then excited once she caught on to what was happening. 

At first she proclaimws, “oh my, god” when she saw the caption under the doctor that read, “I'm sorry... there's nothing we can do… we tried everything.” But once it got to his best friend who played the part of the song where Williams holds her note, the singer scoffed and shook her head then yelled with a laugh, “it worked! It worked!”

Tinsley learned that Williams had seen his video and he naturally posted a response to that. “Hayley Williams is dueting my TikTok,” he said. “She's literally my hero!”

Williams has been enjoying Paramore TikTok trends featuring the 2009 song and recently replied to a video on Twitter where the song is mashed up with Soulja Boy‘s “Crank That (Soulja Boy).”

Photo: Getty Images