Clinton Community College to build new career training facility in DeWitt

(Clinton, IA) -- Clinton Community College is building a new facility in DeWitt.

The school is receiving $1 million in grant from the Iowa Department of Education’s Career Academy Incentive Fund to build a Career and Technical Education Center in DeWitt. The facility will be built at the Crossroads Industrial Park in DeWitt, which the college says will bring more career and technical education opportunities to students in Clinton and Jackson Counties.

The Career Academy Incentive Fund provides targeted grants to support partnerships between school districts and community colleges that expand access to hands-on career training programs. In addition to this grant, the college is asking voters to approve a bond referendum on March 2, 2021, that would help fund the project.

The new facility will support Agriculture, Business, Construction Technology, CNC Machining, Healthcare and Information Technology. “The economic growth and development of our region requires a trained and skilled workforce, and currently our rural areas are underserved by career and technical education opportunities,” said Brian Kelly, Clinton Community College President.

The funding will be distributed over a three-year-period.

(Photo by Eastern Iowa Community Colleges)

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