Over 3,000 people vaccinated in Milan mass vaccination clinic’s first week

(Milan, IL) -- The Rock Island County Health Department says the transition to week-long clinics in Milan have created a major increase in the amount of people being vaccinated. Health leaders say 3,144 people received vaccines in the 1st week of the mass vaccination clinic.

Janet Hill of the RICHD says the clinic is capable of vaccinating more the 6,000 people depending on how many vaccines are allocated. She also says assistance with the Illinois National Guard helps get vaccines administered faster. “The goal is to get as many people vaccinated as possible and the state understands we have the National Guard here as a resource, so they know they need to funnel along vaccines to us, so we can get our region vaccinated,” said Hill.

As the RICHD goes into their 2nd week of vaccinating, Hill says vaccine allocation has improved, but could be better. “Were not the only National Guard, in the state, there are other people at other sites, also vying for that supply, and supply is increasing but were just not where we need to be yet,” said Hill.

Appointments for the March 15th-17th clinic are filled, but health leaders are advising the public to look on their Facebook page and website for new links to upcoming appointments.

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