Mayor Rayapati condemns ‘Racial Distancing’ fliers in Moline neighborhood

(Moline, IL) -- The Mayor of Moline issues a strongly worded statement against fliers from a hate group put up in town recently.

On Monday, residents of the Molette neighborhood in Moline woke up to fliers from the National Alliance, a group deemed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a neo-Nazi hate group out of Iowa, which called for “Racial Distancing” outside of their homes.

Mayor Sangeetha Rayapati issued the following statement in regards to the fliers:

“Moline seeks to be a welcoming and inclusive community, made stronger by the rich diversity of perspectives and backgrounds of our residents. We condemn all hate-motivated, bigoted acts that try to further an agenda of hate and fear. Hate has no home in Moline or anywhere.”

(Photo by the City of Moline)

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