City of Geneseo asking for ‘voluntary water conservation’

(Geneseo, IL) -- Those living in Geneseo are being asked to cut back on watering their lawns and other activities that use a lot of water due to low water levels.

On Wednesday, city leaders said Geneseo is struggling after finding low water levels in the city’s aquifer, which they say supplies water to its four water production wells. “The city water system is dependent on groundwater as our only source of water,” officials said in a Facebook post. “This groundwater supply is impacted by many factors including drought conditions, regional pumping, and seasonal irrigation. This causes a lower supply of water available to pump to our water plants for production to our customers. With ongoing year after year over abundant use of water being used for watering of lawns and landscape, we are asking for a voluntary water conservation from our residents.”

City leaders say in an effort to “provide adequate fire protection and public safety” the water department is asking residents to change their water routines with lawn and landscaping.

“This will help alleviate the high water demand which creates the abnormally low supply,” city leaders said.

The city says currently 50% of its water is used for the watering of lawns, landscaping and recreational pool filling. The water department is asking customers to water before 9 a.m. or after 6 p.m. to avoid the loss of water and evaporation from their lawns. “We also ask that you reduce watering by 75 percent if possible and refrain from watering lawns daily,” officials said. “This reduction will help ensure that we can provide adequate water to our customers and have the extra capacity for fire protection during these high usage times.”

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