Credit Island roads to get repairs, traffic impacted to at least mid-August

Photo: Davenport Public Works

(Davenport, IA) -- Some roads on Credit Island will be getting some improvements over the next few months.

Davenport Public Works says starting Monday, June 28th, the area will receive repairs that are expected to last until at least mid-August, possibly late August. The area, which was ravaged by the 2019 Davenport flood, will be undergoing construction with funds allocated by FEMA from the aforementioned disaster.

Repairs will be focused at the entrance of Credit Island, as well as other trouble spots throughout the area. According to Public Works, the contractor will attempt to keep one lane of traffic open, however, certain areas may occasionally have all lanes of traffic closed.

Davenport Parks and Recreation also said that you can track repairs on roads in Credit Island here.

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