Rifle Used By Kyle Rittenhouse In Kenosha Shooting To Be Destroyed

Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Continues In Kenosha, WI

Photo: Getty Images

The gun that Kyle Rittenhouse used to kill two people and injure a third during a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, will be destroyed. Rittenhouse claimed he acted in self-defense and was acquitted of murder charges by a jury.

Rittenhouse had requested his gun back, along with the ammunition, face mask, and the rest of the clothing he was wearing the night.

Rittenhouse's attorney, Mark Richards, said that his client wanted to destroy the gun so that it could not be used as a political symbol by others. He told reporters that Rittenhouse had received multiple offers from people who wanted to purchase the rifle.

"We didn't think anyone should profit from it," Richards said.

A judge signed off on a deal that would see the gun destroyed by the Kenosha Police Department at the state's crime lab in the next few months. The destruction of the rifle will be recorded and provided to Rittenhouse as proof that the gun was destroyed.

"The defense, the state, and also Dominick Black, who purchased that firearm, have all signed off on a stipulation whereby the Kenosha Police Department ... will destroy that firearm, as well as the magazine and the scope," Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger said.

Binger noted that the other items have been returned to Rittenhouse.

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