All Right, Who's The New Guy?

I've been doing mornings on WOC-AM since January 26th. Maybe it's time I introduce myself.

Hello. I'm Dave. 

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to be part of AM Quad Cities on 1420 WOC. I came to the Quad Cities in May of 1995 with a immutable five year plan. I'd spend exactly one year doing nights at the "alternative" station (The Planet 93.5) and then I'd shake the dust of this town off my boots and head to a bigger market on my way to becoming a really big deal. 

It wasn't to be. In large part because I fell in love with the Quad Cities. Each time I was offered a job in a "bigger" market I politely declined. This is your fault, Quad Cities. I couldn't imagine establishing the same kind of friendships I've been lucky enough to make here in cities with taller buildings and less bridge traffic. I love how distinctly Quad Cities we are. I like how each town has its own vibe. I'm told this makes more sense to people like me who have chosen this area (although natives HAVE to understand it as well).

I spent 17 years doing "rock" radio and then one day...I didn't. It was devastating.

I lashed out at "old-timey" radio with the scorn of a jilted lover. I'd had my heart broken.  Along with my old morning show partner Darren, I forged a path in the new exciting world of podcasting. Here's the thing about podcasting: it can be rewarding in ways radio isn't and tremendously satisfying isn't radio.

I've wanted to be on-the-air since for as long as I can remember. Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, I'd race home after to school each day and listen to WLS-AM. I was certain that when I "grew-up" that's what I was going to do with my life. Hosting a show, taking phone calls, entertaining, informing, reading commercials, ALL of it made so much sense to me. I can't remember ever seriously thinking about doing anything else.

It was a dream job. Both when I was fortunate enough to make a living at it and for the three and a half years I spent in radio exile, literally DREAMING of the day I would someday make it back "on the air."

When an opportunity to do mornings on a station with a legacy as rich as WOC presented itself, I was in disbelief. I'll share this with you because, we're friends now. I still can't believe it. 

What kind of host will I be? What can you expect? What does this mean for a morning show you already loved before I joined it? 

These are all good questions, that I'm glad I'm asking. My job will be to listen as much as I talk. I'm not someone who brings any agenda to the show other than to learn. I'm not comfortable with labels like "liberal" or "conservative" because I don't feel like I belong in either box. I'm not interested in convincing anyone that I'm right and they're wrong because, I've been wrong about a lot. A lot. I'd rather have a healthy conversation than engage in a "why I'm right" monologue. 

I'm here to listen and learn and have some fun along the way. I'm much more interested in what's going on here in the Quad Cities that in Washington DC or around the world because things here tend to make more sense. 

So there's my introduction. I'm really looking forward to spending our mornings together. 

AM Quad Cities

AM Quad Cities

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