Pranks! You Know, For KIDS!

Today is March 1st but a few local teens are acting like it's already April 1st. Pulling pranks can be as much a part of your high school experience as staying up late trying to finish an assignment or going to a big dance. If you're young and looking to have some fun, you might consider some of these classics the next time your teen aged brain urges you to make mischief:

  • Trick your friends by making taffy apples substituting red onions for the apple
  • Put balloons in someone's locker
  • Soak a bunch of cotton balls in water and stick them all over your friends car. It's still cold enough that they should stick
  • Swap out the delicious cream filling of Oreo cookies with toothpaste
  • Duct tape a harmonica to the grill of your buddy's car so when they hit I-80 or I-74 they'll play an odd tune
  • Fake dog poop...CLASSIC!

Noticeably absent from the list: Making a threat at school. 

No less than FIVE local schools have dealt with threats. Threats that have been explained away by some of the students who made them as pranks. These "pranks" weren't funny before Parkland. They're not funny now. Make a "joke" like this and you're done with school and setting yourself up for a long hard road. And no one is going to feel sorry for you.

Felonies aren't funny. 

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