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Kanye West visited the White House and he had a lot to say.  But if he had anything of value to say you wouldn't know it from the headlines, since almost every headline for the story panned and mocked his visit.  A Google search of "Kanye West White House Visit" produced these actual headlines (top 5 results):

"Kanye West meets with Trump at White House, drops F-bomb"

"Here are some of the wild things Kanye West said to Trump at the White House"

"Kanye West "Refusing to go back on medication" after White House Rant"

"Celebrities react to Kanye West's controversial White House meeting" (Spoiler alert: ALL the celebrities included in the story had a strongly negative reaction to Kanye's visit)

"6 most bizarre moments from surreal White House press conference"

While Kanye's visit definitely had its interesting moments, you can't say it was completely void of any valid messages worth highlighting in the media.  But the fact is, people - and the mainstream media - choose what parts they want to focus on and the media chose to lambaste Kanye.

I would argue that if Kanye had visited Obama in the White House and said the EXACT same things, the media coverage of it would be MUCH different.  The above headlines would have been:

"Kanye West's colorful language shows his passion for real social change in America"

"Here are some of the profound things Kanye West shared with Obama at the White House"

"Kanye West shares his struggles with mental health, emphasizes a need for quality mental health care in White House speech"

"Celebrities praise Kanye West's important White House meeting"

"6 most inspirational moments from passionate White House press conference"

Other headlines might have included:

"Kanye's 'softer side' embraced by Obama with his hugs"

"Encouragement from friends and family helped Kanye overcome fear of donning Make America Great Again hat"

"Obama embraces father figure role after Kanye's comments about his own family life"

"White House considers new Air Force one after Kanye's message about hydrogen powered planes"

You get the idea.

I agree that Kanye's visit to the White House was entertaining on a lot of levels and I don't agree with or endorse all of the things he said, but I also don't think his entire message should be dismissed because it was delivered in an unconventional way.  If you want to read for yourself his comments in its entirety, and in the context of the others who were there, you can do so HERE (full transcript below the article).  His statements, or at least his effort to express them, may not seem as ridiculous as the media wants you to believe.

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