Comey's silence speaks volumes

The early reports on former FBI Director James Comey's closed-door testimony today on Capitol Hill are that he is refusing to answer key questions about his early role in the Department of Justice's investigation of possible Russian collusion with Donald Trump.

When he was served his subpoena to testify, Comey vowed to fight the subpoena (which he did) saying his testimony should be given in a public setting, not in private as the Republican lawmakers had asked.  Comey ultimately gave up his fight and agreed to testify publicly as long as a transcript of the hearing was released within 24 hours.

The basis of Comey's argument was that he feared private testimony, without the release of transcripts, would allow lawmakers to leak selective information from the hearing.  Comey suggested he wanted the public to hear all the details, not just parts of it.

But given Comey's unwillingness to answer key questions, that wasn't really why Comey objected to testifying privately.  The REAL reason that Comey wanted to testify in public is because his response to any questions he didn't want to answer would be "that is classified information" or "answering that question might jeopardize the investigation".  By testifying in private - and redacting sensitive information in the transcripts - Comey will be expected to be more transparent in his answers.  In private, he CAN share classified information and information related to the on-going investigation, so he can't use those excuses to refuse to answer a question.

While the transcripts may be heavily redacted when released, seeing which questions he reportedly has refused to answer will be very telling.

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