Super Dave Invented #BirdBoxChallenge

2018 gave us the Tide Pod Challenge and The KiKi Challenge. I imagine 2019 is going to bring us plenty of new opportunities for people to publicly celebrate their stupidity. 

Sandra Bullock has a new movie out on Netflix. The characters need to cover their eyes so monsters don't turn them into suicidal maniacs. Yes, that old story AGAIN! The movie has been so popular that folks are   taking the #BirdBoxChallenge. How does it work? You blindfold yourself doing everyday tasks. It turns out sight is an important sense and depriving yourself of it needlessly while, say RIDING A SCOOTER, ends badly. It's gotten to the point where Netflix had to tweet out this warning:


The warning came on the same day we lost Bob Einstein, the actor behind Super Dave Osborne. Check out this video of the one and only Super Dave doing the #BirdBoxChallenge decades before there was Netflix. 

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