The Fridge That Orders Beer For You


We spoke with our Tech Guru, Rob Enderle this week from Las Vegas for the 2019 Consumer Electronic Show. Rob was able to give us a preview of what we could expect from all our favorite gadget makers this year. I'm looking forward to having Rob back on the show to review all of the amazing tech revealed this week.

One item that had me particularly interested is a beer fridge that will order beer when it senses you're about to run out. The DrinkShift is the the brainchild of Japanese company Shiftall Inc. It uses an array of sensors to keep track of how many which are inside of it and when you're running low, it automatically orders beer online. Cool.

I do have a few concerns:

  • It only holds 13 beers. That's not going to work for me. I get that space is at a premium in Japan but here in the good ol' USA most of our beer fridges are just old actual refrigerators. When it comes to beer fridges, bigger equals better.
  • The bottles are stored on their side? That's a good way to get a yeast ring inside the bottle. Beer in your fridge should always be stored upright. The beer's in the fridge to slow the oxidation process. this would speed it up. 
  • How does the fridge know what beer I'm in the mood for? This works for people who drink the same beer all the time. I enjoy making new discoveries and trying out new styles.

There's some potential here but for now I'm going to have to say No Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto. 

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