Ten Costumes You Should Never Wear On Halloween



People were up in arms after Yandy.com started selling sexy “Handmaid’s Tale” costumes...so much so that the company has since yanked the costume off their site. But let’s face it, it’s easy for Halloween costumes to offend folks, which is making Halloween a little less fun these days.

One big no-no is any costume that would be considered cultural appropriation, with Bustle noting that it’s not okay because “it reduces a culture to, well, a literal costume.”

So, how can you prevent yourself from offending someone when you head out to your Halloween party this year? Well, the site has come out with a list of ten costumes they deem inappropriate due to cultural appropriation, and they say they should NEVER be worn. They include:

  • A Ninja
  • An Egyptian Queen
  • A Voodoo Witch Doctor
  • A Native American Princess
  • Anything that has to do with the Day of the Dead
  • A Geisha
  • A “Senorita”
  • A Bollywood Star
  • A Gypsy