Massive crowd greets Trump in Iowa. Does this enthusiasm mean something?

Last night President Trump held a Rally In Des Moines

Last night President Trump held a Rally In Des Moines

A YUUUUGE crowd of more than 10,000 greeted President Trump as he rallied at the Des Moines International Airport on a windy evening yesterday.

The President made a big entrance , opting to lead Secret Service Agents on the short walk from Air Force One to the Podium as Eye Of The Tiger boomed out.

In the roughly 90 minute speech, the President talked about ethanol, attacked former Vice President Biden over the New York Post story regarding his son Hunter - calling the former a corrupt politician.

The huge crowd reportedly had to sign waivers saying they understood they could catch the Rona, but that didn't seem to deter anyone. The President held another major rally last weekend in Florida and he has more planned in Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Florida again all later this week.

There is massive enthusiasm for the President wherever he rallies and that is something which is simply not there for Biden. In fact he held an event last week at which literally no one showed up. The local news crew was lost for words.

But does this enthusiasm mean anything?

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