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Cedar Rapids declares Snow Emergency for Thursday, February 16

Ahead of the predicted winter storm, the City of Cedar Rapids has declared a Snow Emergency. It is effective fro m6am Thursday to 6am Friday. From the news release:

Cars should not be parked on Emergency Snow Routes. Vehicles parked on designated Snow Routes after a Snow Emergency has been declared may be ticketed and/or towed. These routes are typically main arterials, bus routes, school zones, and areas near hospitals. They are designated with street signage and are prioritized for plows to clear due to their high traffic volumes. A list of Emergency Snow Routes can be found on the City’s website:  

The City says they will be on the job 24/7 as needed to clear streets. Specifically addressing parking on residential side streets, the city said:

Starting on Thursday, February 16, and ending on Friday, February 17, residents are asked to follow the odd/even parking rule in residential neighborhoods. This applies from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Park on the odd-address side of the street on odd calendar days; park on the even-address side of the street on even calendar days.
On Thursday, February 16, residents should park on the EVEN address side of the street.
On Friday, February 17, residents should park on the ODD address side of the street.
*This does not apply to emergency snow routes, parking-metered areas, or any street where the alternate side parking rule would conflict with permanently posted parking restrictions. The odd/even parking rule provides snowplow operators with enough room to plow residential areas safely and efficiently, where on-street parking is common. 

Now, it's not always possible to stop from throwing snow back onto city streets, but they discourage people from doing that and it's also against city code.

Finally, the city offers...

Winter Driving Tips:
Do not follow plows too closely
Reduce your speeds
Use caution in turns
Accelerate and brake carefully and slowly
Leave more room between vehicles
Increase your braking distance

 Stay safe and keep your radio or iHeartRadio app tuned to Newsradio 600WMT for the latest information on this approaching winter storm!

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