Iowa man accused of shooting neighbor's property & making death threat

CEDAR COUNTY, Iowa- An eastern Iowa man's accused of shooting up his neighbor's property, and threatening to shoot the neighbor too. KCRG-TV 9 reports Cedar County authorities say 61-year-old Randolph High of Stanwood is charged with Attempted Murder, Criminal Mischief, I ntimidation with a dangerous weapon, Assault while participating in a felony, Possession of a firearm by a felon and Reckless use of a firearm.

His neighbor says he woke up Sunday to the sound of gunfire, and noticed bullet holes in his vehicle, camper, and home. He then says he saw High firing a gun in multiple directions.

The neighbor was on the phone with police when they saw High make obscene gestures, including a shooting motion toward the victim. High's also accused of threatening the victim by saying he'd "better sleep with one eye open because he was going to shoot and kill" the victim."


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