"Miracle" twins born four months early thriving at Iowa Hospital

IOWA CITY, Iowa- An Iowa family says they are constantly amazed that their twin girls, born four months early, are doing as well as they are doing.

"All medical research suggests the girls should not be with us today, they are miracles," said Mom, Jade Ewoldt.

Ewoldt of Dysart says Keeley weighed one pound and Kambry weighed 13.4 ounces when they were born in November. They've gained a few pounds since then, and have graduated from wearing diapers the size of a match-box, to regular, preemie diapers.

They are the youngest twins ever born at University Hospitals in Iowa City, and remain in the Neo Natal Intenstive Care Unit at the Stead Family Children's Hospital.

Ewoldt tells WHO Radio News the babies have overcome many obstacles, and their job is to just keep growing, and avoid getting sick. A simple cold can be life threatening, because of their under-developed immune systems. The twins are on oxygen, and feeding tubes.

Jade and her husband Wesley do get to hold their little daughters for about an hour at a time, but Ewoldt says it requires a team of nurses to move tubing and machines to make that happen. She says sleeping is really the best medicine for the twins, because even the the smallest things, like a snuggle can burn precious calories the babies need. She says the babies can clutch her finger.

Ewoldt says they're not sure when they'll be released from the hospital. The babies must be able to hold their body temperature, and right now they're too small to fit in a car-seat.

The Ewoldts, have two other children at home, ages 5 and 3, who are able to visit their twin sisters in the hospital. Ewoldt says they tell the older siblings the twins are sick and need to get bigger before they can come home.

"They're really such good kids, and they've been really helpful through this whole ordeal," said Ewoldt.

Ewoldt says this entire experience has strengthened their faith in God, and they welcome prayers. They've set up a special Facebook page, "Prayers for Keeley James and Kambry Lee."

"This is completely changed us as people for the good, and bringing us closer to God," said Ewoldt.

(Photos courtesy Jade Ewoldt)


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