Olympic Food Trucks

As the Bettendorf City Council moves closer to their food truck ordinance, I've got a guaranteed million-dollar idea. Are you sitting down? Three words: Pyeongchang Food Truck. I'll give you a moment to collect that brain matter you just splattered over your computer monitor or smart device as I just BLEW YOUR MIND.

The Olympics in South Korea are nearly over but flavor lasts forever. We told you this morning about some of the more popular choices our athletes and fans are (possibly) enjoying in South Korea. Imagine a food truck in Bettendorf finally giving the good people of the Premiere City the same choices folks in the Olympic Village have. On the mobile menu: Fish & Meat Mixed On A Stick, Sea Breeze Mugwort Bread or Dangling Honey Squid Legs. Shut up and take my money, right?

You can't tell me people won't go crazy for Tuna Mayonnaise/Squid/Octopus Chips or Strawberry Popcorn. You'll also have a hard time convincing me that whoever dreamed these foods up wasn't also crazy. There are a lot of great food trucks in the Quad Cities and no doubt once they figure out what to do with them in Bettendorf Quad Citians will have more choices but no one is offering "Stud Chocolates" or "Noodle With No Name". 

Mac & Cheese Sandwiches are also popular at the Olympics. I'm having some fun with these bizarre foods but if you see an actual food truck (or even better, an actual brick and mortar restaurant) in the QCA that offers a Mac & Cheese Sandwich, please let me know about it. That sounds amazing.

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