Thanks Twitter!


On Sunday afternoon, the Green Bay Packers lost to Arizona and promptly fired their Head Coach. If like me, you delight in anything unfortunate happening to the Packers, it was a pretty good day (and it sure helped take the sting off of a Bears loss to New York).

Imagine you're an associate head coach with the team. Do you keep your head down and try your best to make it through the season OR do you run to your phone and tweet something that appears to criticize your organization's franchise quarterback?

If you're Winston Moss, you pick the latter and find yourself in the same boat as the recently fired head coach. You then go back on Twitter to let everyone know you're looking for a new job with a hashtag blaming the app for your lack of common sense. #thankstwitter? How about #whatwasIthinking?

Tweets also cost comedian Kevin Hart a job he managed to have for all of 36 hours. Twitter is a lot of fun (feel free to follow me @davelevora) but before you hit the post button, ask yourself the following: WILL THIS TWEET COST ME MY JOB?

Also, and it's too late to help Mr. Moss with this one, make sure you're using  they're, their and there correctly. 


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