E. Coli in Mississippi River flood water at Davenport ball park

DAVENPORT, Iowa - Flood water levels have risen since water samples from Modern Woodmen Park in Davenport Monday tested positive for E.Coli bacteria.

The source of the flooding, the Mississippi River, normall does contain some level of E. Coli, so the samples are not surprising.

Randall Wanke, Lab Director at QC Analytical tells KWQC-TV 6 that the Mississippi flooding is especially hazardous for people who live near the river and use private wells.

“Any E.Coli bacteria, if you ingested it, it is possible that it could make you sick,” said Wanke. Very sick.

Symptoms often include severe stomach cramps, diarrhea (often bloody), and vomiting. Some people may have a fever. For some people, an E.Coli infection can be deadly, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The sample Wanke took was on Monday and since then more water has filled the ballpark, so what's currently in the water now could be different.

Besides E.Coli bacteria, flood waters often also contain other contaminants like chemicals, and sharp debris. Flooding can also wash out roads and sidewalks, and even create deep sink holes.

Earlier predictions had warned of possibly historic flooding of the Mississippi River up and down Iowa's east border with Illinois, possibly matching the catastrophic flooding of the Missouri River on the Western Iowa border with Eastern Nebraska and south to Missouri. But, Davenport residents on Reddit.com/Iowa say the flooding is typical Mississippi River flooding in the downtown area, no worse than usual, thanks to a more gradual snow melt in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

According to the National Weather Service and U.S. Geological Survey River Gauges, the Mississippi River at Rock Island is in major flood stage and still rising, predicted to crest at 20.50 feet at midnight Sunday night, and start dropping Tuesday at noon. Gauge at 11:15 a.m. 4/6/2019 below.

National Weather Service, U.S. Geological Survey River Gauge
Downtown Davenport flooding from reddit.com/Iowa

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