Helping The Quad Cities Homeless During This Heat Spell

There are several cooling centers open in the Quad Cities area that provide air conditioning for those in need during this excessive heat spell. Carrie Fisher is the director of Saving the Perfect Stranger and tells KWQC TV6 they are handing out donations to those who are homeless as they have nowhere to escape from the heat.

She relies on donations and drives around the community to hand out money, food and water to those in need. The cooling centers are only open until 7 p.m. and after that the homeless are on their own.

There are three shelters in the area but only residents are allowed to stay there.

Davenport Metro is offering free rides to individuals during this heat spell. Davenport is also providing portable toilets to the homeless this year.

Kennedy is also looking for volunteers to hand out water or spend some time at the day centers. Donations to Saving the Perfect Stranger are always appreciated.

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