Motherhood Matters Offering Postpartum Classes In Davenport

Being a new mother isn't easy and that is why Motherhood Matters is offering postpartum classes at its Davenport clinic. Classes are held once a week for four weeks and will focus on nutrition to mindset to making a connection with other new moms.

Sara Rausch is the co-owner of Motherhood Matters and tells KWQC TV6, “That can be depression, or anxiety, or psychosis, or OCD. There’s a whole gamut of things that can actually come up and I think a lot of times we only talk about the depression component.” Rausch says many times mothers are afraid to let others know what they are going through. They also can recommend support services such as counselors if needed.

Saturday, they are holding a fundraiser, "Climb Out of the Darkness" where families can come and learn more about the program.

Photo courtesy of KWQC TV6.

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